Supaul DM’s  rejoinder to Bihar times story on flood  relief


Dear Editor,
     I have read the column on "Desperate and angry, Bihar flood victims loot relief material" , in which the following statements are made
In the last four days, hundreds of people blocked national highways in Saharsa, Supaul, Purnia, Araria and Madhepura districts to demand food. They said they had not been provided relief and other materials.

Last week, dozens of angry flood victims, including women and children, looted relief material in Saharsa, Madhepura and Supaul.
          In the district Supaul, neither the  National Highway has been blocked by the flood victims nor any flood relief material looted. All the needy flood victims have been given shelter, food and other facilities in the  76 government relief camps. Isolated incidents have been generalized in the said article. I strongly object to the above mentioned statements regarding Supaul. I would request you to issue a corrigendum in this regard.
Yours truly,
N.Saravana Kumar, IAS
District Magistrate,


* This story has been released by IANS (National news agency).