Mujhse Shadi Karoge, Dr Ramadoss!


Patna, (Bihar Times): Union health minister Dr Anbumani Ramadoss is the most sought after groom. He is receiving innumerable marriage proposals from the girl medicos throughout the country. His move to increase the medical education from five and a half years to six and a half years are being stiffly opposed by the medical students. This includes one year service in rural area. But the girls have chosen a novel way to protest.

In Patna too students of Nalanda Medical College Hospital ‘proposed’ to the Union health minister with Jaimala in their hands. They expained that the medical course itself is too long and if one more year is added they will become a full-fledged doctor not before the age of 34. Then who will marry them in that late age, save Doctor Ramadoss.

But the ‘groom’ was nowhere in sight. Perhaps he is shy. Or is it that he does not believe in polygamy. But there is no dearth of much-married politicians, especially in South India, Dr Ramadoss.


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