Ganga water level decreases amid severe heatwave

Patna, June 12 (IANS) The water level of the Ganga River has considerably decreased in Bihar in the last few years amid a major heatwave.

As per the survey of the Water Resources Department, there has been a constant decrease in the water level in the Ganga River since last four years.

The survey shows that the average water level of the Ganga River in Bhagalpur was 27 meters last year which has now decreased to 24.50 meters in 2024, which is further decreasing.

The survey shows that the water level of other rivers, passing through Bihar, like Ghagra, Kamla Balan, Falgu, Durgavati, Kosi, Gandak and Burhi Gandak has also gone down considerably.

“The water level of the Ganga is continuously going down. The Ganga is in danger because of the construction work which is being done over it. Many bridges are being built over the Ganga River while construction work is also going on continuously on the banks of the Ganga,” said Guddu Baba, who initiated a programme called Ganga Bachao Abhiyan.

He said that the marine drive has also been constructed on the banks of river Ganga in Patna while the other constructions are going on unabated along its banks.

He said that the condition of other rivers in the state is also very bad because the silt in the rivers is continuously increasing.

“The Ganga river flows with 736 metric tonnes of silt annually,” Guddu Baba said.

Earlier, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has constantly asked the Modi government to help the state regarding clearing the silt in the Ganga River.

It is expected that, after Nitish Kumar supported the NDA government, the silt issue and other projects will get a top priority from the Central government.


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