Will remove turban, tonsure head in Ayodhya: Samrat Choudhary

Patna, Jan 29 (IANS) A day after the formation of the NDA Government in Bihar, Deputy Chief Minister Samrat Choudhary, on Monday claimed that he will tonsure his head and remove his turban in Ayodhya.

The BJP’s Samrat Choudhary had taken the oath that he would remove his turban, which he had donned after his mother’s death, only after he removes Nitish Kumar from the post of Chief Minister of Bihar.

However, in a twist of fate, Nitish Kumar retained his post as Bihar Chief Minister and now Samrat Choudhary has to work under him as the Deputy Chief Minister.

When asked about his vow, Samrat Choudhary said, “After my mother died in 2022, I tonsured my head and tied a turban. When, I became the Leader of Opposition in Bihar’s legislative council soon after that, I took an oath that I would remove my turban only after removing Nitish Kumar from the post of Chief Minister of Bihar. As the BJP is my second mother, I would do anything for my second mother.

“When the national leadership of the BJP decided to go with Nitish Kumar as the Chief Minister, it was a sentimental moment for me. I told our top leadership that I will go to Ayodhya and remove the turban and shave my head and place it at the feet of Lord Ram,” he said.

“I am a soldier of the BJP and I can do anything for my party’s respect. Personal interest is not bigger than the party,” Choudhary said.


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