Lalan Singh slams Rahul Gandhi for his claim on Bihar caste survey

Patna, Jan 31 (IANS) Former JD-U national president and MP from Munger, Lalan Singh on Wednesday slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for speaking lies on the caste survey in Bihar.

Rahul Gandhi, during a speech in Purnea’s Rang Bhumi ground on Tuesday, claimed that the caste based survey was conducted in Bihar following the pressure applied by him on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

“The statement of Rahul Gandhi on caste based survey was absolutely false. You may not know but I want to tell you that Nitish Kumar will not work under the pressure of anyone. The caste based survey was the commitment of Nitish Kumar. He had raised this issue during the tenure of late PM VP Singh. At that time, you were not born in politics,” Singh said. “During the meetings of the INDIA bloc in Bengaluru and Mumbai, the JD-U proposed the caste based survey and Mamata Banerjee objected to it. Rahul Gandhi was completely silent in those two meetings and it was silent support to Mamata Banerjee. In a bid to earn something from the politics of the country, don’t take help of falsehood. This is the reason why your party is shrinking day by day in the country,” Singh said.

“Don’t dream about becoming the prime minister of the country. You were Pappu in the past, you are Pappu at present and you will be Pappu in the future as well,” Singh added.


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